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Pet Gear Accessories

Pet Gear Accessories


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We provide premium products with ten categories of needs: Food, Vitamins & Medicines, Toys, Accessories, Clothing, Enclosures, Bags & Slings, Books, Adopted Animals, Equipment & Tools. Pet Gear provides all your pet products from various types of breeds: Cat, Dog, Rabbit, Hamster, Fish, Reptile, Hedgehog, and others.


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Not only meeting nutritional needs, Pet Gear also answers outdoor needs for your pet. Want to travel with your beloved pet while on vacation? Find complementary products for your pet needs such as bags, slings and baskets that can make it easier for you to bring your pet while on vacation outside the house and enjoy the thrill of your holiday experience with a variety of toy products for your beloved pet.


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Cat Furniture – Which Type Is Best?

You’ve heard the hype about how, historically, cats have been revered, even worshiped by some cultures. Some people walk through pet stores and think that this is still happening today. After all, look at all of the elaborate cat trees and cat furniture that is available. People who do not have cats often scoff at all of the cat tree furniture and other type of cat furniture they see available in pet and department stores.

They seem to think that cat owners who buy these things for their pets are spoiling them. What they don’t understand is that cat trees and furniture for cats are not always purchased as presents. Sometimes a cat’s owner will purchase these things as a survival tactic. After all, if the cat has its own trees and furniture to scratch and play on, maybe it will leave the human furniture intact.

There area unit many basic forms of cat trees and cat furnishings offered. The first, and most elementary, of all cat accessories is the scratching post. A scratching post may be a “must have” for any cat owner. Cats have an intrinsic need to work their claws. They work their claws a lot.

The way they work their claws and keep them sharp is by scratching on things. They are not picky about what they scratch as long as it provides a tiny bit of resistance to their claws and can give their paws a good workout, so providing your cat with a scratching post will be one of the best things you can do if you want to save your furniture.

A scratching post is largely a bit of wood that’s connected to a base then lined in low-cost carpet. The most basic form of cat furniture is the “cat condo” which is a round and hollow tower that usually has between one and three “rooms” that have their own entrances. The whole thing is usually covered with the same carpet that covers scratching posts and provides your cat with its own “private space.” These are not as essential to buy as a scratching post, but they can be helpful in keeping your cat off of the furniture. This, again, speaks to the cat’s territorial nature. Apparently cats never learned to share when they were being revered as gods. Once they are given their own spaces for hiding, sleeping and playing they are likely to lose all interest in the rest of your belongings.

Interesting fact: Some cats work their claws as a way of dealing with stress. Keep an eye on your cat—when they get freaked out about something, do they head straight for their scratching post (or the side of your couch)? Chances are they are calming themselves down!The best part about cat trees and cat furniture is that all of it is covered in the same carpet that covers scratching posts. This gives your cat even more surfaces to attack safely. The more places they have to play, the safer your furniture will be.

Providing the Best Cat Bed For Your Feline

Feline deserves to be provided with the best personal cat bed possible. It will not only serve the purpose of giving extra comfort to your pet but it is also a means of keeping them healthy all the time. You can personalize your cat bed into the way you wanted them to be. You can choose the kind of materials that you want to utilize. This information will guide you upon choosing the best cat beds for your feline. There are a lot of different designs available for your cat. Each of every design is bound to give the utmost comfort for your cat.

As a pet owner, you should know the different kinds of cat beds (or at least just some of it) and the different materials being used for it. Some designs use completely stainless steel materials with a well cushioned basket. It is usually essential because a properly cushioned cat bed ensures the comfort of one’s pet cat. This may vary depending on the kind of cat you have and the kind of personality each cat possesses.

Some are simply designed pillow-form beds that give the cat similar environment as with your bed from where they used to lie into. You want to make your cat feel as if they are still on the same spot despite moving them to a different surface. This is very helpful in times when you are training them to transfer from a spot to another. Despite of the natural curiosity, cats don’t usually adapt to sudden change of environment and tends to come back to the ones they are more acquainted with especially if they are comfortable on it.

Most feline loves to knead into the spots they have chosen. Following this natural behavior of the cats, most beds are made with materials that have appealing texture. This would keep them from roaming around much and would tend to stay on that comfy place when they will realize that their new bed feels much comfortable than it was before.

If you are out of budget and would want to buy a bed which costs less, then maybe a mat style bed would best fit you. It is just basically a plush of rectangular mats that you can place on your floors or if you like, on your furniture. They are least expensive but provide your cat its own bedding. It offers only minimal comfort to your feline and normally they would not want them directly. You may need to put anything on it that would attract your cat more. Mats are easy to clean. You just have to use washing machine to wash it.

Cats also would love to be in cuddlers. These are circle–shaped beds that has soft walls and is about six to ten inches high with a side opening and an overhead roof that a cat can hide in. Cats absolutely love cuddlers. The best kind of bed you can give to your cat is a thermal cat beds. This kind of bed has hidden heating pads that can be set for and intermittent warming which creates an inviting sleeping experience for your beloved felines.

Giving your feline their very own cat bed would make your cat very happy. With a vast number of cat beds to choose from, take into consideration the appropriateness of the kind of bed you are going to choose. Consider all the options possible and make the most of everything that you have. Don’t try to overspend for a thing that does not worth the pay. Remember, we can always improvise. Use your imagination. Try to check on what’s new and essential. This will give you an insight on how to choose the right cat beds for our beloved pet cat.

Glam Up Your Pet With Fab Cat Collars

Cats are among the most lovable creatures, that’s why many people choose it to be their pets. They are sweet and extremely cuddlesome, to not mention cute and funny most of the time. Whatever breed your cat may be, you sure want to keep it tidy and pretty-looking and if you are the kind of pet owner who is willing to spend
extra on your precious babies, then you wouldn’t mind buying them beautiful cat collars.

Collars for your feline friends serve as accessories and are very useful for identification in case your beloved pet goes astray. We all know that cats love playing around and if we fail to watch them, they may get lost in unfamiliar places. In such situation, finding your cat will be very easy if it is a unique breed or appearance. But if yours is one of those common domestic kinds of cat, you might have a little difficulty in locating them, especially when they are lost in an area where similar breeds of felines roam around. This is why you need to make your cats wear collars that can help you verify their identity in such unfortunate situation.

There are so many designs to choose from when it comes to cat collars. You can even have it customized to bear your cat’s name or whatever decoration you want. You can put beads, studs and sequins of different colors, shapes and sizes, according to what you think will best fit your lovely pet.

Aside from the color and design, you must of course consider the size of the cat collar that you are about to buy. Make sure that it is neither too tight nor too loose so that your cat will still be very comfortable wearing them. Measure the girth of your cat’s neck to get the right size of cat collar. Most of these are adjustable, much like bets, so there is no need to worry if it can still fit in your cat when it gains or lose weight in the future.

Collars for cats are made from different materials. Among these area unit animal skin and material or a mixture of each. These materials are guaranteed durable so that you are assured that your cat will be wearing its collar for a long time. If you want a really sturdy one for your cat, you can opt for the ones that are made of metal, one that is guaranteed scratch-proof. You can have it engraved with your cat’s name or, of you want something cooler and more personalized, a short message that describes your affection for your cat. For most people, pets are more than just playmates and a source of entertainment. They may even be considered as true friends that help alleviate their owner’s loneliness.

You can examine pet retailers and alternative specialty stores commerce pet stuff for cat collars. Choose from their wide collection and bring your cat along with you when you shop so you can try the collar on it to see how it looks like. You may conjointly enhance your cat’s collar with a cute pendant on that you will place the engraving and alternative decorations.

Do Hair Ball Formulas Really Work For Cats?

Generally, cats have a thick fur that is why they easily feel warm most of the time. When they are resting, it is a very relaxing feeling for them to lick their bodies to be able to provide mild coolness. In addition, nibbling their fur body is also a way of grooming their bodies. Subsequently, this cat activity may facilitate hair fall. Therefore, it is not shocking that cats are very prone to formation of hair ball inside their stomachs. A hair ball is a clump of hair in the stomach of animals. Hair balls are formed when animals lick their bodies and ingest their body hairs. When hair balls develop into a very big clump due to accumulation of hair over time, animals occasionally throw this bunch of hair up. Rabbits and cattles also have a high tendency of forming hair balls since they clean up their bodies by licking their fur just as cats do.

A Hairball Formula is a product that aids in the digestion of hair preventing it from forming into clumps or ball of hair. These kind of products have a formulation consisting of Cellulose, Catnip and other proteolytic or protein – lysing substances. The ingredients of a Hairball Formula include:

1. Cellulose is an important component of this anti – hairball formula. Cellulose is an organic compound that cannot be readily digested by human gut but serves to increase the bulk of the feces. Cellulose is a hydrophilic agent adding more roughage to the stool thus improving bowel movement.

2. Another enzyme is Papain from an unripe papaya fruit. Papain is an effective proteolytic enzyme that can help digest protein molecules like hairs.

3. Catnip is an herb which primarily has a relaxant property. It can also help prevent digestive problems such as gastric upset, tension and indigestion.

4. Aloe Vera has a soothing effect to the gastrointestinal tract. Aloe Vera extract in the stomach stimulates the production of pepsin. Pepsin is an important digestive enzyme to break down proteins.

5. Slippery elm is a tree in which its bark is used a soothing agent for the digestive tract. It is discovered to provide relief and coat digestive tract walls. With its reflux stimulation property, it facilitates stimulation of mucus production thus protecting the digestive tract against ulcers and other indigestible products ingested.

6. Fructooligosaccharides is a common synthetic food flavoring which is popularly employed to improve digestive health because of its prebiotic effects. Fructooligosaccharide serves as a precursor of digestive microbial flora. It is claimed that this chemical compound can prevent yeast infections.

7. Psyllium seed contains chemical that can preserve more water in the feces making it easier to pass stool. Like cellulose, psyllium cannot be broken down and absorbed by the intestinal wall. It only acts as dietary roughage. Adequate bulk and moisture in the feces can significantly prevent constipation.

Most Hairball Formulas come in tablet preparations. It can be crushed and mixed with the food for your cat. For small – sized cats (about 15 lbs or less), use two tablets in the morning and evening meal. For cats weighing more than 15 lbs, mix the cat food with 3 tablets twice a day.

Look for quality hairball formulas at your local or internet vitamin store. Always choose name brands like Actipet to ensure quality of what you buy for your beloved pet.

Guidelines How to Litter Train Your Cat

Cats area unit sometimes noted to be clean in nature. They don’t want their fur to get dirty. A lot of pet house owners train their kittens the way to keep this behavior. You can teach them how to throw the garbage to the trash can accordingly. This is a decent behavior that your kitten should learn as early as doable till she is going to build it as her habit. Pets have their own level of understanding or instinct. Animals like dogs and cats are so friendly and trainable. Therefore you need to be patient in order to attain your goals in training them. If you would like them to use the litter box with success, here are some guides for you to use along the process.

Choose the appropriate type and size of box that is suitable for your cat. Make sure that it is not too big and not too small. It comes in two forms, the disposable and the permanent one. There area unit some boxes with automatic cleanup tools within like the storage luggage and therefore the rake. Looking for the right box is quiet tricky especially if you are not familiar with it. But you can make things simpler with the help of the Internet. All you have to do is to type the keyword or the item that you want to purchase in the search engine and the Internet will provide all the related online websites for you.

When it comes to the right food for your cat, it is quiet easy to look for because it is already been packed and prepared in the market. You just have to pick and pay it. The packaging will already tell you that it is a cat food so no need for you to search for the best food in the grocery section since it has been determined already. It might matter in the content but there will be no huge difference at all when it comes to nutritional contents. There are several types of food for kittens. You may opt for a soft, canned or dry food. All of them are beneficial to your pet. Once your cat performs so well in the litter box, you can give her a reward such as dry food. Let her understand that she is going to not be ready to leave the litter box once the bladder is full right once enjoying and consumption. By doing this, she will be able to understand that she cannot leave the box until she empties her bladder successfully.

Toilet training them is quite difficult if you won’t use some strategies in order to facilitate it. Teach your pet the way to reach the litter box once she feels to void or egest. Do not allow her to defecate anywhere within your property. If you notice that she isn’t following your instruction, you can give some light punishments but never be too harsh on her. Avoid inflicting direct pain to them as a result of they’re terribly sensitive. Give enough time and attention in training them. Do not rush everything because it really takes some time them to perfect the litter train that you’re trying to implement.

How to Keep Your Pets Safev

When families adopt pets, those animals become an important part of the household. Single people and young couples often view their pets as their children and families with children enjoy sharing experiences with all family members, including the pets. Pets often travel on vacation with the family or attend family parties and gatherings. Since pets are such an important part of our lives, it is important to keep them healthy, happy and safe. While pets sometimes require less attention than humans, there are still things that should be done to protect them. Start by making sure your home is a safe environment for your pet. Pests are just as threatening to animals as they are to humans. While your cat or dog may not have a bug phobia like some people do, it is still important you avoid exposure to critters and pests. Some pests such as stink bugs will not cause any serious harm, but if a stink bug attacks your dog or cat, you will have a smelly mess to clean up. Other threatening pests include spiders and mosquitoes.

Animals, just like humans, require plenty of fresh water to stay healthy. Whether you feed your pets at a special time each day or you leave bowls of food for them to visit at their leisure, they should always have access to water. This is true indoors and out. If you leave your dog or cat outside during the day, be sure you place a water container in their space. Indoors, set up water and feeding station in your kitchen, basement or out-of-the-way area. Your pet should feel safe and comfortable when eating and drinking and if their dining area is in a busy place, they may feel anxious and uncomfortable. Freshen their water a few times a day and when the temperature rises, add a few ice cubes to their water bowls.

Pets should also have access to many of the same comforts humans crave. Both cats and dogs need warm, soft places to sleep. Also be sure the area is dark for a portion of the day. Just like humans, animals need access to a cool, dark area to get deep, restorative sleep. If you choose to let your pet sleep in bed with you, launder the sheets at least once a week to keep pet hair and dander from building up.

Outside, pets should have a large, but restricted area in which to play. Outdoor cats will roam as they please, but dogs will be more controlled. Ideally, you will have a large fenced area that enables your dog to spend time outside throughout the day. Even with a fenced area, take your dog for walks a few times a week so they get some variety and structure exercise. If there is no fence around your home and you leash your dog in the outdoor space, be sure to provide plenty of length to the leash to allow for exploration and exercise.

Finally, be sure your pet is protected from the elements when outdoors. During extreme cold or heat, never leave your pet outside for more than a few minutes. Unless weather conditions are ideal and your area is secure, you should never leave your pet outside for hours at a time, like during the workday.

Fun With Your Cat

It is not enough that you simply feed your cat, provides it water and set it up an area to sleep in. As owners, you also need to bond and have time for your pets.
For those who are asking why there is a need to do so, here are a few reasons:

For skills. The more you interact with your cat, the more it will be able to develop different skills this can be because you keep your pet active most of the time. These skills can include hunting skills. When they are playing, you can notice that they would pounce like they are catching their prey. The a lot of they observe this, the more they can fool their prey.

For body. As said, the more your cat plays, the more active it is. This will keep the body in good shape. Also, just like humans, this can lead to a longer life and fewer illnesses.

For emotions. Another benefit to your cat would be that playing is a good way to release negative energies. If your cat is susceptible to aggression, you can help tone it down by activities. On the other hand, if your cat is a bit shy, you can help it become more involved. Between you and your pet, you will also foster bonding moments.

And, to form it pleasing time for you and your cat, use activities that are exciting. Here are a few of those activities.

When you ar searching for toys to provide to your cat, remember that the more animated they are, the more attractive they will be for your cat.

Rotating toys can facilitate take the work aloof from you. There will be no need for you to keep moving around just to make the toy move.

You can also make any toy look as if it is a bird or a mouse. Move them continuously and teasingly in the view of your cat. This will make your games more exciting.

You don’t even need to buy toys. You can just rummage in your house and look for cardboards, empty plastic bottles, and anything that can be played with by your cat.

When you ar already taking part in, let your cat set the pace of your game. It can be difficult to set your own pace if your cat is not interested in that kind of game. You will only disinterest it by doing so. If your cat looks like it is losing interest, just keep trying.

If after 1 minute and your cat still hasn’t played with you. You might want to rest your case. You can always try some other time.

And, more importantly, let your cat win the game. This is after some time that you have challenged it. But, make sure that you are not making it too easy for your cat.

The only issue that may create this activity actually helpful is on doing it often. If you are having difficulty trying to stimulate your pet into play mode, just keep trying or change your strategies. In the end, you will be able to see improvement in its involvement.

How Much Does Cat Declawing Cost Me?

Declawing a cat has been a controversial concern. There are those who believe that declawing your cat is unkind and not even necessary at all, and will only cause your cat discomfort and distressed relationship with you. As in some veterinarians do not offer this type of service, and other veterinarians offer it aversely and considered to be the last alternative.

There are different methods on declawing your cat, from the cheapest that costs $50 to as much as $400 depending on your choice. The cheapest, basic and fastest method of declawing is called Resco Clipper, which can cost around $50 to $90. It is also the most controversial and painful method among all, since the third bone above the claw is cut, thus does not allow the nail to grow back. The cat should be hospitalized for two nights to recover, as well as use bandages and antibiotics to prevent the occurrence of any infections. Another procedure is called Disarticulation, wherein the ligaments which are connected to the bones are cut and removed carefully, instead of simply cutting the bone such as in Resco Clipper. This method is less painful for the cat, very difficult for the veterinarian to perform, and therefore slightly more expensive. The cat is still required to stay in the hospital for two nights, and use bandages and antibiotics as part of the recuperation period. This method will cost around $100 to $250. One of the most expensive types of declawing method is the use of laser, which costs somewhere between $250 and $400. The use of scalpel and cutting through any ligaments or bones are not applicable in this method, instead the laser is used. The cat will experience no bleeding; therefore there is no need to use bandages. On the other hand, the least invasive and more humane method is through tendonectomy, wherein it only cuts the tendon that will not allow the cat to extend its claws. As a result, the claws are still intact, but your cat cannot just simply use them to scratch things.

Before going through the surgery, the veterinarian usually orders some tests to be done such as blood test, liver check and kidney function. After the surgery, observe your cat closely since cats are known to develop arthritis after being declawed, take him to the veterinarian immediately, as well as if your car develops to have any infections.

If you want to save money on your declawing costs, you’re going to want to call up a few vet offices. By calling up three or even five offices, you’re going to find that the prices are going to greatly vary. While there are many ways to declaw your cat, you may not have to go the surgical route. You will find that there are many alternatives such as little pads that go over your cat’s paws. These are able to block the claws from scratching items. By calling up and comparing, you will find that the prices above should be rather accurate.

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