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Currently, Pet Gear has partnered with well-known brands such as

  • Royal Canin
  • Pro Plan
  • Vitacraft
  • Happy Pet
  • Whiskas
  • Wetnoz
  • Pet Mate
  • Dreambone
  • Beaphar
  • Virbac
  • Hamsfood
  • Bayer
  • CubnKit

and many more. Only available at Pet Gear.

Pet Gear complements all your pet needs!

We provide premium products with ten categories of needs: Food, Vitamins & Medicines, Toys, Accessories, Clothing, Enclosures, Bags & Slings, Books, Adopted Animals, Equipment & Tools. Pet Gear provides all your pet products from various types of breeds: Cat, Dog, Rabbit, Hamster, Fish, Reptile, Hedgehog, and others.

For food products, the Pet Gear provides wet food, dry food, snacks and various supporting foods to complement your pet’s nutrition.

Beautify your pet with a variety of jewelry and accessories that match the clothes that have the best quality from Pet Gear. We offer a wide selection of accessories, cages, aquariums, and various supporting equipment for your pet’s needs with the latest products from Pet Gear.

Not only meeting nutritional needs, Pet Gear also answers outdoor needs for your pet. Want to travel with your beloved pet while on vacation? Find complementary products for your pet needs such as bags, slings and baskets that can make it easier for you to bring your pet while on vacation outside the house and enjoy the thrill of your holiday experience with a variety of toy products for your beloved pet.

Meet your needs and take care of your animal health with a variety of products that we offer. Pet Gear provides all products for treatment ranging from milk, vitamins, supplements, and so on. Pamper your pet with a variety of beauty products such as perfume and skin care lotions that are safe and reliable. Make Pet Gear always your main partner in completing pet needs.

The advantages of shopping online at Pet Gear

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For further questions, contact Thank you for your visit, happy shopping at Pet Gear.